LINES was set up in 2012. Our 2021 new look brings us up to date by including a more streamlined SHOP experience and content search.

LINES was intended to host an assortment of written work by Linda and Caroline mainly as blogs, stories, poems and books. It soon became a place to encourage creative writing and the arts. Writers and creators of all ages have a chance to ‘give it a go’ through challenges that LINES set as well as signposting towards national and global events.

Linda’s wish has always been to ‘do something’ with the fiction she has written. Now, as part of LINES, her wish is coming true. Linda is continuing to write for both children and adults. She writes short stories, novels and poems.

Caroline writes for professional publications as well as for pleasure. She has wandered into other creative areas exploring silversmithing & jewellery making, art, ceramics, glass fusing, busy making up for many a year spent doing less enjoyable things.

JJ is a keen photographer, beginner writer and our technical expert extraordinaire. Why not join her in the photography challenges that are featured in our blog.