Any art challenge will stimulate your creativity, help define an area of focus, identify gaps you want to improve on, 

Most importantly you JUST DO IT! Sometimes without inspiration or the elusive muse – your skills will improve and you will build a body of work.

Water colour month July

Grab some watercolors and make a watercolor painting or sketch each day during the month (or whenever you can join in), and share your work online for others around the world to enjoy! Use the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth when posting your art and use it to meet other watercolor artists around the globe!”

And set up your own daily challenge in mediums of your choice 

  • 10 consecutive days of watercolour/ acrylic/inks
  • 10 charcoal /pencil, drawings in an hour 
  • Natural world
  • Built environment
  • Choose a colour

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