Challenges what Challenges?

Tell your story through your chosen medium and then take courage and become involved.  

You are already a reporter on your world with LINES to help, you can become a wordsmith, storyteller, poet, author, writer, playwright, screenwriter, photographer. artist


  1. Check the challenges  
  2. Choose one that motivates you, encourages you to start
  3. Make a commitment to yourself
  4. Check out the subject requirements and guidelines. 
  5. ENTER – pay any fee and fill out the forms!
  6. Create your timeframe and put it in your diary, include start and closing dates
  7. Keep going, face forward, take courage
  8. Celebrate the closing date YOU DID IT!

Writing Tip: Once you have an idea then you can develop the story. Something happens. Boy wizard grows up. Man with superpowers saves the world. Boy in wheelchair finds a garden. Girl goes exploring. Then you can ask when did this happen? Where? How? Who else was there? What happened?

Step 1.   Start Small.
Write something down, anything, just a few words a sentence or more. Describe colours, sounds, smells around you. It doesn’t have to be ginormous or profound. Just start and start small.

Step 2.   Audience
Write a few words to yourself, a friend, sister, Mum or Dad or anyone you know – now you are a writer with an audience!

Step 3.   Just do it!
As your confidence grows – start to join the words together. Write that a poem or story.

Click here to see a summary table of the Challenges that we have researched.