Creative Sunday

Sometimes it’s just nice to do something different. My daughter is the Senior Practitioner in the Baby room in a day nursery and is very keen to recycle items for the children to use for play.

Recently she came across some old cable reels at the industrial estate near home and decided that this would make really nice activity bases. The older children, who can stand, can use the top of the reel whilst the little ones who can only sit can use the road layout on the base.

The reel needed cleaning and was sanded before painting. Having painted the top of the reel and the inside face in black, she then painted the centre of the reel in a deep sky blue.

Now to decorate it. This is where the Cameo vinyl cutter came into its own. We decided that a row of houses, some trees and clouds would make the decoration for the centre of the reel and using white vinyl we cut out the lines for the road.

My daughter bought home some artificial grass from the nursery which we then used to cover the centre of the top of the reel.  The black surfaces were finished off with 2 coats of PVA watered down and then the circle of grass was attached using a staple gun.

This just shows that with some care items, that would be added to landfill, can continue life with a different use.   I know that Jo had seen this whilst searching for ideas on the internet, but this has been a lovely task to work on and an activity that we were able to do together on.

Some other ideas for using old cable reels can be found on this blog: Repurpose spools and reels for play


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  • Martha Meier Posted 29 March 2021 2:11 am

    What a fabulously creative execution in giving a previously discarded item a “second chance”!

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