The Morning Routine 

by Caroline Whalley

Sweep legs, to the edge of the bed
Lose the warmth take a breath,
Stand still, collect and feel the
Shells of dreams slip away
It begins again that different day
Several deep reassuring breaths
Great energy and power of life, 
Break from remnants of the little death.
Teeth to clean, these days the gums 
Need much more care as do the lungs
Into the shower, what to choose?
Neals Yard for feel good or no frills?
Oils to pamper smeared on skin 
that keeps me whole and well tucked in.
Towel dry, now check the sky.

Day 3, of what will be a ‘one a day’ poem. By the end of April 2021, 30 poems will create a series written throughout the month of April 2021. Each poem covers a fragment, a snippet taken consecutively throughout a day 

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