Dissenting Descender

by Caroline Whalley

Bed making, tidying, the sky checked for walking,  
Dressed, ready for stairs, not two steps and jumping
My spinning head, complicates, now I am balking
Handicapped, one step, a stumble, means falling.
Anything carried requires lots of thinking
How best to transport through lugging and humping
A tray is a burden, as both hands are needed
No more teapot by bed though my freedom feels cheated.
Small change chips away, creates space and then choice
Surrender, defeated or to give voice 
To defiant solutions, rebel and rejoice!

Day 7, of what will be a ‘one a day’ poem. By the end of April 2021, 30 poems will create a series written throughout the month of April 2021. Each poem covers a fragment, a snippet taken consecutively throughout a day.

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