An Old School Phone Call

by Caroline Whalley

An Old School Phone Call part 1 and 2

A bright red box, obtrusive on the ‘B’ road 
through a Derbyshire Coal Board estate,
You could arrange to meet up and make or wait for calls 
Black heavy phone in its cradle with its umbilical cord,
dark brown twisted, reaching to the dialling box
No cards invented. Exact coins required 
Money placed in the slot, reserves set ready,
in the phone booth on the black top, careful not to drop.
Once pennies were inserted  Button A was pressed
This silver protrusion, gave permission to request 
exchange of voices, views and news.
Or button B was pushed connection now ceasing 
Coins for retrieving.

Day 18, of ‘one a day’ poems. By the end of April 2021, 30 poems will create a series. Each poem covers a fragment, a snippet taken consecutively throughout a day.

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