An Old School Phone Call

by Caroline Whalley

An Old School Phone Call, part 1 and 2
When empty, the box could be multi use;
A place for illicit fumbling’s by awkward teenagers,
A urinal, display for sex contact cards, tramp shelter 
and many rendezvous. 
Button B pressing was part of phone tapping 
and childhood checking, liberating sweetie money 
to pay for fruit salads or black jacks four a penny
All this rises, now as awareness, as I realise 
without permission, phones, thrust their clamour into our lives 
Appointments, uninvited, flying from text to diary 
Any left who remember life without enquiry
More to do, more to answer, end to end, I need to call a friend.

Day 19, of ‘one a day’ poems. By the end of April 2021, 30 poems will create a series. Each poem covers a fragment, a snippet taken consecutively throughout a day.

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