Happy New Year

Goodbye to all that
But it still isn’t over.
It will take quite some time
Before we are sitting in clover.
There has been pain and sorrow
And it will be here next year, still here come tomorrow.

But this too shall pass
And one day it will be over.
But maybe not tonight
As the clock strikes the changeover.
We will still be facing unenviable hard time
As the hand sweeps clockface in the middle of the night-time.

There is a new beginning
And we will sigh it’s all over.
But this virus is inventive
And certainly no easy pushover.
Thank scientists and medics that never did shirk
And teachers, police, delivery men and women who all went to work.

So, goodbye 2020, I would like to say it was a gas
But we stayed at home and we can’t wait for you to pass.
We stayed apart, on other personal space not to trespass.
What do we see as the mists part in the ball of crystal glass?

Is it a new launch?
Or should we still run for cover?
At cold midnight metal strikes
Optimists cry it is all over.
Hopes riding high but tempered with fear.
Be kind. Be patient. It will be a Happy New Year.
One day soon.

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