It’s a phase

Waiting breathless, heart beating a little faster
Like a pebble in a stream,
One minute skidding across the sky
Then sinking into the depths of midnight clouds.
Purple night hides the shimmer behind opaque shrouds.

Super blood moon, super flower moon hiding a little further
Like a garnet in the flame,
One minute sparkling on the finger
Then lustrously shapeshifting into crystal blood,
One drop in the starry canopy, opening flower bud.

Waiting for the breath-taking moment, heartstopping
Perfection eclipsed in a moment,
Suggesting one brief moment in time travel.
Selenian wonder never to be repeated, out of time
And out of reach, a fleeting lunar showtime.

The fourth dimension, a cosmic pageant,
Crimson centre of attention, a glimpse and transient.
Ephemeral and beautiful, cardinal satellite.
One minute in view then concealed in shadow.

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