Day 10: Full

JJ’s beautiful photograph, full to overflowing, milk or cocktail?

Full, nearly – Judith Jakes

Half empty? Half full?
The water in the glass.
I’m an optimist, it’s half full.
I’m a pessimist, it’s half empty.
I’m a pragmatist, I’ll drink it, whatever.
I’m a physicist, it’s full – you have not counted in the air!
I’m a nihilist, no it isn’t even there!
I’m a psychologist, how does the drink make you feel?
I’m a sceptic, is it really here or real?
I’m a conspiracist, whatever it is don’t drink it, it’ll take over your mind.
I’m a pluralist, let’s have another round to be very kind.
I’m a capitalist, I’ll rent you out the glass.
I’m a communist, it belongs to every class.
I’m a drinker. It’s gone.

Linda Prince

Bruichladdich distillery, Isla, ‘THE YARD’ a watercolour study for acrylic painting.

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