Day 12: Skyscraper

Ridiculously tall buildings defying gravity and the laws of physics,

Linda Prince
Chicago 1885 and the Home Insurance Building opens its doors
To an amazed public that had not seen it’s like.
Ten stories high, later to be twelve, 
Designed by Jenney, father of the American skyscraper.
The opening made every newspaper.
Lofty and tall the buildings grew up and Elisha Otis fits the elevator
A proud, soaring structure rising above others.
The Rand McNally just up the road,
Power throbs from fabric, pride in every girder.
A building to impress her.
The Wainwright steel frame in downtown St Louis rockets uptown,
Boastful altitude, rising above the clouds.
Tall herculean offices glint in the sun.
Exaltation oozes from every window and blind.
Masculinity in construction defined.
Ridiculously tall buildings defying gravity and the laws of physics,
Now ever more mushroom into the sky.
And around the world, successive claims of the tallest
Safe, habitable places that sway in the breeze
But since the disaster a sense of unease.
Louis Henry Sullivan another claimant to title of skyscrapers’ daddy,
See his birthday is global Skyscraper Day.
September 3rd celebrates engineering feats,
All around the world people look upwards and squint
To see the distant roof crowning the architectural footprint.           Linda Prince

My urban landscape was an exploration of blues, true monochrome of one colour tinted and shaded. There was no specific place just memories of American cities.

Not Chicago – Acrylic on hardboard using palette knife and credit card.

JJ went rural!

A rural skyscraper 

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