Day 13: Stripes

Discrimination; prejudicial treatment of different categories

of people

oxford dictionary

“Discrimination” – Watercolour overlaid with photographs as mono prints. The photographs were printed on acetates passed through a bubblejet printer and transferred onto the painting when wet. Calligraphy was added in the fold of the flag. Caroline Whalley

Gold rings against blue
Shows the world what you do,
Shows those below, what rank you hold.
Every bit of uniform perfectly controlled.
Stripes round the cuff,
Are there ever quite enough?
Epaulette bands tally up for authority,
Count them up for conspicuous seniority.
Calculate how many bars,
Tells the Admiral from the tars.
Grade insignia signifies status in simple lines
Respect the apparel, know your place, read the signs.       Linda Prince
High in the eves

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