Day 15: Jewellery

He rolls the golden ring between his thumb and forefinger.
Preoccupied, his thoughts wander to the adversary.
His grip on the golden band tightens as the messenger arrives.
The messenger bends the knee before Pharoah and waits.
His master is deep in thought. The ring he absentmindedly rotates,
A symbol of nobility, majesty and power. The cobra in a loop.
A snake representing his divine power and wisdom. 
Give the ring or keep it? Seal the alliance or embark on hostilities?
Pharoah’s kohled eyes flickered towards the messenger.
He could send amulets, a collar of lapis and carnelian, 
Or foreign earrings of glass and jasper, sparkling in the heat of the day.
A pendant of turquoise, beads to braid her long dark hair.
If he gives the ring, there will be a marriage, a coalition, a bond.
If he keeps it, there will be war, conflict and invasion.
He throws the ring in the air and catches it and puts it on his finger.
The messenger leaves empty handed. 
The venomous creature bares its fangs.

From a series of rings Caroline made throughout 2016/17 from silver and found gold.

The textile and sewn metal piece was made as a cover for a hand made poetry book.

Parents over time – Judith Jakes

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