Day 16: Broken

Tightening chest pain, shortness of breath and gasping,
Irregular heartbeat thumping to escape the rib cage.
Was it just a relationship of no matter, just a fling?
One minute I was happy, free as a bird escaping from the cage.
Then the prognosis was broken heart syndrome, is that even a thing?
Life seemed idyllic, until someone else joined à la La Cage.
Small changes killed the ambition but still like Mr King
I pursued the dream and found the right heart-mending superglue.

Like to play a slider game?

Put your cursor on the arrows and pull one way to reveal JJ’s broken finger…..’Ouch!’ Or the other way to view Caroline’s ‘Broken Lines’.


Broken Lines was made by acid etching an original photographic image onto a zinc plate. This image was printed as a base layer onto card, dried and then overpainted with acrylic. As I look and lose focus, several faces emerge. What do you see?

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