Day 17: My Country

Watch as the visitors become the homemakers.

linda prince
My Country
Old North, home of the imaginative Celts, 
Warlike Brigantes and cultured Parisi.
Watched the river ebb and flow,
Watched the snow fall on the heights,
Watched the forests grow up to the sky.
Roman North, home of strong women,
Cartimandua gave her loyalty to Rome.
Watching over the legions moving up the valley,
Watching over the alliance gold stacking up in vaults,
Watching over Britannicus hiding from half-brother.
Saxon North, home of stoic settlers,
More Saxon DNA remains there than the rest of UK.
Watching the gems and glass shaped into a brooch,
Watching the crops bend in the breeze,
Watching the trees chopped by the axes.
Viking North, home of organised Danelaw,
Old Norse divisions into ridings.
Watch the boats invading up the rivers,
Watch the villages burning down,
Watch the defeat at Stamford Bridge.
Norman North, home of the last invaders
Harrying, genocide and rebellion.
Watching the earth scorched and barren,
Watching the garrisons rise and fall,
Watching the September battles on home soil.
My country, home of the Tykes,
God’s Own to those who hail from this land.
Watched the shire slowly taking shape,
Watching the colonisers take root and grow,
Watch as the visitors become the homemakers.   Linda Prince

“At Home”

Caroline’s “At Home” was her first painting in oils with added fabric collage.

It too depicts the hard life described in Linda’s poem of ‘strong women’ as ‘stoic settlers’ though it was painted before the poem was written it evokes the same sentiments.

“Whilst staying with a friend in Killagurteen, Nr Waterville, Eire, in a stone built cottage, I connected with a grandmother I had never known. My mothers family came from Thrumster up in Caithness, Scotland and as I painted the tones of grey, I imagined the life of any woman, any crofter. The colour in her life depicted in her knitted plaid shawl, representing the heathers and home.”

Caroline Whalley

JJ photographed ground mystical mist in Dorset.

Oh My!!!!

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