Day 19: Sunset

As the sun drops down like a double leopard from the sky,
The slim hand reaches for the glass.
Equal parts of pineapple and orange, but turn a blind eye
As the rum trickles down, liquid mardi gras.
The grenadine settles at the bottom of the drink
And the rum warms the aching throat.
Malibu Sunset, shades from gold to salmon pink.
Until the sun rises again, the perfect antidote.   

Red sky at night

‘Sunsetting from a City Window’ was created from a collage of handmade (by Caroline) paper which covers two etchings. A photographic image made from an acid etched polymer plate and an acid etched copper plate in the bottom right hand corner. The prints and paper are set against a sky and cityscape of acrylic brushstrokes.

Sunsetting from a City Window

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