Day 1 Seashells: which we did 3 ways:-

Here at Lines we decided it was a great time for us to collaborate on a July project. Judy found a list of themes, motifs for each day through July 2021. We took the same subject and interpreted it each in our own way.

She sells them by the shoreline,
Toes sinking where sand meets brine.
Take me home, lifted from the spume,
From the foam of the seaside to the foam of the bathroom.
He presses the shell to his ear,
And the salty ocean waves are so clear.
You took me home, placed me on the bookshelf
From the pebbles of the coastline to the shelving by yourself.
Driftwood drifting home.
Starfish roaming alone.
Seashells round the bath chrome.

Winchelsea Beach – watercolour on 300gsm paper

It’s not too late to join in!

Journey through July

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