Day 20: Door

portal, entrance, way in, way out.

The humble door. Keeps you out, keeps me in.
This is the juncture where the home may begin.
Oblong or square, however you first saw it
Or maybe its roundy, like the home of a Hobbit.
It could be metal, it could be strong wood
Whatever it is made of, it must hold good.
It could be famous, 221b or Number 10,
Or maybe unknown, just used now and then.
The humble door. Divides the inside from beyond.
Opens only with the key or the wave of wand.

This mono print with carbon paper and collage was inspired by The Black Houses found in the Hebrides – more often now visitor centres. Typically a sod roof held by stones to the rafters underneath. A peat pile, hand cut would be near to the only door. Usually divided into half for livestock and the other half where the family lived

The Priest’s Door – Judith Jakes

Still time to pick up a brush, pen or camera!

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