Day 21: Letters

celebrating letters with pride

He was a man of letters.
Imprisoned, he wrote a page a day.
Ostensibly for medicinal purposes.
As each page was finished, it was taken away.
He was a man of plays.
The verdict was guilty as charged.
Insomnia, disease and collapse beset him.
His special letter taken with him on discharge.
He was a man of words.
Though his life was all too short.
But the bad boy did so well and entertained a few.
His prison letter written for his estranged consort.
He was a man ahead of his time.
But penniless and depressed, spending his time in exile.
His letter was published, 50,000 words from the depths.
But think of him, ever Oscar. And allow a kindly smile.    Linda Prince

My challenge is using words – JJ

my letter to myself

Watercolour and Ink sketch celebrating “It Breaks Open – In My Garden” Caroline Whalley

My Garden

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