Day 22: Macro

Ground Control

The technique is called acrylic pouring. In this case the paint was layered through different colours in a disposable cup, upended and poured onto a used snare drum skin made of Mylar plastic. Additions of leaves and grasses were inset into the paint before it dried. The outcome is always unpredictable, ~ I can ‘see’ the earth at a macro level…. Caroline Whalley

From the smallest to the largest, micro to macro,
Does it matter if it’s a whale or a humble minnow?
Forty floors of skyscraper or single storey bungalow, 
Whether small or large, they are all in the portfolio.
Microeconomics studies your business through a lens,
Macroeconomics turns its gaze to governments and friends,
Overlapping issues, it’s just a question of scale and size.
Good decisions are good decisions, and the wise are still the wise.                            Linda Prince

I spy the parasites – Judith Jakes

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