Day 4: Fireworks

Intangible whoosh from a darkened corner of the garden.
Crackling commotion in the skies as the smell fills the lungs.
Air pushes against ribs, breath held, waiting for the guerdon.
Then an explosion of colour, ephemeral glitter against blackened void.
A riot of colour. Eardrums assaulted by thunder and din.
Bright lights hurt the eyes, flash blindness on the retina.
The distinct smell of gunpowder mixed with charred potato skin
And chestnuts. Roaring and rumbling. All senses assaulted.
Another streak across the horizon - red, blue and green.
Firecracker on the streets, fireball up into the stars.
The night sky is afire, a transient lamp of kerosene,
Fissure of shop-bought Northern Lights blinding and then gone.

Linda Prince


This piece was made by a technique known as acrylic pouring. All the paint colours are mixed separately to achieve a flowing consistency. Colours, in this case white with greys, blues on black are added in layers into a plastic or paper cup. The cup is turned upside down and paint is poured onto the canvas. The canvas can be tilted, blown with a hairdryer anything to manipulate the laying of the paint and the making of marks.


JJ’s photograph captures the light bursts, you can almost hear the bangs and whizzes.


Celebration – Judith Jakes

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