Day 9: Time

Tempus fugit. Don’t waste it, use it.
Singing in the shower, savour every hour.
Add it up and reckoned. Using every second.
If it’s wasting time just bin it. Revel in every minute.
Tempus fugit. You can’t stop time or outwit
Physics and relativity, so use your creativity.
Tomorrow becomes now, now is yesterday somehow.
Look back, can we say we put it to good use? Moving on, educe.
Tempus fugit. We experience time differently, so it is writ.
Simultaneity is relative. Theories and classification appellative.
Events simultaneous for one observer may be different for another server.
Don’t stress about old Einstein. Just pour a glass of fine wine.
Anti-clock or clockwise. Just remember time flies.
Enjoying life to the full. Exciting, stimulating, never dull.
Time and tide will not wait. Everything has an end date.
Every day should bring a smile. That’s what makes time worthwhile.

Linda Prince  

Oil on canvas, painted in southern Spain.

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