Sun Flare

One hundred and nine times the size of the earth
How did you get into my camera?
You have been around since time gave birth
But now you are hostage in my camera.
Yellow dwarf, one day you will be a red giant
But I will still have you trapped in my lens.
You give us light, for heat on you we are reliant
But I hold you prisoner in my small lens.
Time passes as you become a hungry white dwarf
And yet my camera has swallowed you up.
You will gobble up the solar system and morph
But forever captured in a small, small prick of light,
Angry, flailing, threshing around, beware the solar bite.
You erupt. You burst and burn in captivity within my fingers
Brightest object in the sky, I dare not look, but the memory of you lingers
Forever in my camera.

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