The Path that leads to Infinity

One step at a time.
No-one else to bother me,
Only the complaint of a lost sheep
Assaults the eardrums.
Only the damp of the morning mist
Wakes up creatures from their sleep.
Natural selection,
Flowers shake off their slumber.
Dry caked mud beneath my tread,
Tell-tale signs of clandestine
Creatures, fleeting secrets of
Scurrying animals, now abed.
On the skyline
A ray of hope kisses
Clammy murkiness below,
And leads to me to a place,
Perspective strains my stare,
Whilst painfully on tiptoe
I peer to see eternity at a distance.
At break of day fate will not wait
And beautiful day must hibernate
Along the path of least resistance.
I must believe I will reach the end
Even though, from time to time, the path may gently bend.

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