Waiting for the Rabbit

Alice was feeling sleepy, in the sunshine of the day
The others read a book but nothing it had to say.
A book with no pictures and no conversation,
“No use,” grumbled Alice with deepest frustration.

The hot day made her sleepy and feeling half-witted.
She considered making a daisy chain but wasn’t so committed.
Could she bother to pick the daisies growing close at hand
Or should she wait for the Rabbit and go to Wonderland?

Patiently she waited, with a cake and with a drink,
A Rabbit scurried by her with eyes of sugar pink.
That wasn’t so remarkable she thought as her cake she ate
More astonishing was the fact he shouted, “I’m going to be very late!”

Out of his waistcoat pocket he took his shiny brassy watch
And tapped it once with leather gloves of softest butterscotch.
Exasperated he tapped it twice, and sighed as he drew near,
“I shall be late! I shall be late! Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear.”

Alice grinned, for every day he ran by her in such a panic
Shouting, “C’mon Mary Ann,” in a bossy tone emphatic.
“I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice, your housemaid I am not!’
“I cannot wait. I can’t be late. I must be on the dot.”

She watched him go and watched him down the path so quickly scurry,
This White Rabbit was anxious daily and permanently in a hurry.
She felt the heat upon her brow and missed him with some sorrow
And bit her cake, was it a mistake or would he be back tomorrow?


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  • Ms Assoc Posted 13 April 2021 10:54 am

    I love the way you have taken a well known subject and turned it into a new idea

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