Bubbles of Colour

Behind the screen all is not what it seems
You see red and I am feeling blue.

Under the surface we are all slightly nervous,
Some are bright orange, others yellow and shy.

Each one pops, its own bright cyclops
Our own mind’s eye interprets our hopes.

They move around, clownish colours all drowned
Below the drip, drip, drip of our lives.

Which of the hues, will you have green and blues?
Or choose racing red exploding with gusto?

Success and troubles, blobs under the bubbles,
Shapes moving round as we live.

Today I’ll pick green from under the watery screen
And see what the bubble brings me today.

As we pick and we choose, and you win or you lose,
Tiny pimples of colour in our life.

Try them all, as the raindrops fall
For every bubble of life is an experience.

Life is a watery circle, pick orange or purple
But don’t let the bubbles slip untried through your hand.











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