Give me your hand in your fine leather glove,
Give me your hand and I’ll give you my love.
Give me your trust in a world of buoyancy and chaos
Give me your hand and I’ll give you poignancy and pathos.
And every day we will walk down this path
As the sunlight dims and the evening’s warmth
Encloses us, we will forget the anger and wrath
Of the daily churning of workplace emotions.
Give me your paw and I will forgive all your misdeeds
Give me your paw, alert to where the path leads.
Give me your friendship and I will smile and adore
Faithful friends, contented owner and loyal Labrador.

Jessie and I

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  • Judy Posted 2 April 2021 6:00 pm

    This really expresses the relationship in the photo. Love it.

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