Ancient Greece, Egypt grand
And all roads that lead to Rome.
They leave their names,
They leave their mark,
A longing without a home.

New York subway, London metro
And all railway sidings to King’s Cross.
Some say it’s art,
Some say it’s vandals,
These people don’t give a toss.

Magic spells, wishing wells and insults across the wall,
Literary quotes, get your oats and answer the country’s call,
Political dogma, violent magma – it all bubbles to the surface
Hate speech, love out of reach, a Banksy worth a windfall.
Hip Hop culture, greedy vulture – the swirling letters say it all.

Pompeii ashes, Derry advert,
Statues of Victoria and Albert.
A message understood,
A message under wraps
Someone, somehow must subvert.

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