The cottage of thatch

Straw and reed, sedges and rushes,
Cobwebbed and creaking the world outside hushes.
She grew up in the natural warmth
And the dim light surrounded her,
Bundled to protect and coated to enclose her.
Willow and hazel, sedges and rushes
Outside the frenzied wind screams, inside the world hushes.
She waits with her necessaire de voyage,
Hidden love letters and secrets in vials 
Anticipation of a new life under a new roof.
Heather and grasses, sedges and rushes
Cocooned in her cottage, the young bride blushes.
Clattering hooves announce the start of the future
Below a canopy of a different material.
She closes the door and lowers the latch
But she will never forget her cottage of thatch.
She straightens her bonnet and her silken skirt brushes
Farewell to straw and reed, sedges and rushes.

A misty Dorset morning.

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