A fork in the branch

A fork in the branch,
A fork in the road.
Stay where I am
Or change the postcode?

The tree branches out.
To prune or to spread?
The arborator has his chainsaw,
But what’s in my head?

Edge along the branch
Until it bends and I fall?
Lop off the old
Or simply stonewall?

Change of direction 
The woodcutter will enquire.
Pollard or free reign?
Expand or retire?

Sitting under the tree
An apple falls from the branch 
Ideas like stars start falling
A thought avalanche.

The twigs point that way
Or this way within.
The tree of life makes its judgment 
Let it begin.

The branch forks out.
Road junction left or right?
Just like the tree I will grow slowly
And learn to sit tight.

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