Notes and Scribbles as Chronicles, History

A poem, a sentence causes us to be ourselves

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have always loved words, mine and others – and kept a file or notebook of sorts, often several at a time. Words and scribbles, sketches linked to work, none work, feelings, observations, insights, good ideas, chance happenings and observations, comments, media, film-making. Words of others that fascinated, interested, sometimes haunted me.

I decided during Covid 19, Lockdown 1, March 2020 onwards, that I would pull together some of these random musings, poems, writing and ideas from my life almost all from 1976 onwards and so I bought a BLANK hand-made, khadi paper, leather bound journal complete with Celtic embossing to remind me of my Scottish heritage. 

I wanted to do more than copy over words and instead become my own book artist and editor, combining words with my new found creative delights.

  • Print making, mono, etched plate, woodblock, lino
  • Watercolour, landscape as layers
  • Acrylic, pouring, skins, abstractions
  • Oil painting, alkyds and water based
  • Crafting, stamping, cutouts,

I wanted to do more than copy over words, I wanted to become my own book artist

Apart from a loose subject on the cover of any of my notebooks my collections lacked any obvious principle of organisation: my first job was an audit and edit, what’s to be in this compilation and whats out? It took a few days, post-it notes and photocopying, to turn random, disorganised, piles into more systematic themes

  1. Woman
  2. Identity
  3. Language
  4. Guides

Themes emerged from higgledy-piggledy piles, moving paper around and checking with friends. Its still a casual structure and I didn’t always leave enough free pages as I pulled my first chronicle together.

My next posts will expand the themes.

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