This is quite a challenge and Linda is 23 days in with over 38,000 words completed. I admire Lindas ability to just settle down and write.  My job is to compile the book and ensure that it is ready to launch on January 4th.

Take it from here…….  is a story of a young married couple Tim and Clare who live in a small flat. They have been together for two years. They live in a London suburb. Tim commutes every day to work – he works in advertising. Clare is a dental assistant and works close to home.

Clare’s mum died a couple of years ago and now her dad has a new girlfriend. Tim says he doesn’t like the new girlfriend and Clare isn’t sure – she wants her dad to be happy but she thinks Stella might be ‘wrong’ for her dad. Stella is the opposite of what her mum was like.Their life is fairly mundane and humdrum … and then one day the phone rings. Things are never the same again.

I look forward to reading the novel and considering a writing project of my own.  I can assure you that my aim is to complete a short story, I will leave the novel challenge until I am retired.

Olivia Jakes has designed the cover for the book (shown below).

Many congratulations to Olivia for achieving a Gold Award in the Briefcase Competition with Earth Island UK & The Heaven Company. Olivia’s winning design was for Hobs Repro.


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