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Dressing up

Go out to the theatre, to dress up or dress down?
Jeans and a T-shirt or a sheer taffeta ball gown?
Dress down Friday is now the everyday norm.
What once was rigid uniform has grown into free-form.
And yet inside us all, the desire to adopt a new persona
From rugby league supporters to the singers of ‘Barcelona’.
By just changing the outfit, poor downtrodden zeros
Change to world-beating redeemers, spandex clad superheroes.
The metamorphosis never wholly complete,
Caesar wearing some ivy and an old bedsheet.
Sturdy Batman’s six-pack a few short, down to the beer gut
And the only resemblance to Einstein is a very bad haircut.
And when Christmas comes, as it must once a year,
The chance to dress up and be silly increases, I fear.
From the compulsory festive hat, worn at a rakish angle
To the glitter and glamour and sequins and spangle.
The days go by in a mix of jim jams and Disney characters,
Disguised as Pinocchio, Dumbo, Olaf or Thumper
But nothing, nothing is more dressy than a Mark Darcy jumper.

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