Theme: Crayons

Even Andy Warhol had to start somewhere.

Chalky sticks. Etch a sketch.
Iconic ways children learned to draw.
Dyes, pens, paint and pastels,
Putting coloured pieces together in a jigsaw.

Decoupage. Dot to Dot.
Where did those skills all go?
Tissue paper, coloured card.
Tracing paper when a lack of artistic flow.

Colouring books. Tightened canvas.
Zendoodle for mindfulness therapy.
Brushes, felt tip pens, markers or wax.
It may be a squiggle to you, for me psychotherapy.

I can’t silkscreen Marilyn.
And my tins of soup just look like tins of soup.
I’m better at the blotted ink period
And I’m starting my own paint by numbers group.

We may not be the Bloomsbury Set,
Not the Impressionist movement or Baroque.
But with a crayon in my hand
I’m an artist and really not a joke.

And when I have finished, my scribbles to compare,
Brighty coloured, I content myself
That even Andy Warhol had to start somewhere.


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