The poetry challenge for May is to write a poem that is prompted by the photography theme for todayM is for…. and the photos that JJ and I have taken.  This is quite a challenge but I will see how long I can keep it up for.

M is for …

Who is M?
James Bond knows. Often shaken not stirred.
What is M?
You respond with prose. I prefer a photo to the word.

Magnolias have delighted us for centuries,
They found fossils of them from times long passed.
Growing over ninety million years ago,
Even older than the local Chelsea enthusiast.
See their shape waiting to unfold
Magnificent, melodramatic, a myriad of shades.

Who is Magenta?
Riff Raff knows. Dancing a time warp.
What is M?
Adjectives of colour published by Newscorp.

Mauve, maroon, mandarin or mint petals
Beautifully growing in the garden border,
Bringing technicolour to tired eyes.
Every shade and every shape for a landscape hoarder.
Some recollect days of sadness and some hours of joy.
Mysterious, melancholic, a majesty of tints.

Who is Machiavelli?
I know.
What is M?
The me, me, me syndrome. The end justifies the means.

Sugar hues, ice cream tones, sorbet tinge.
On the plate the sweets are calling, forget the weeds,
Come inside and rest awhile.
For the macaroons are enticing and a snack would meet your needs.
Pastries coloured like the blooms,
Mulberry, myrtle and marigold treats.

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