theme 1. Woman 

During 1988 some unplanned life things happened.

Feminism or Womanism?

Ok, so most go with feminism.

I was in the 5th of what became 8 years of Open University (OU) study. I had finished my degree in year 3 and decided on a post graduate Advanced Diploma rather than spend time gaining an honours banner.

The course outline I chose included Gender Studies and my world exploded or imploded I have never been quite sure which way it went. Until then, feminism had been something outside of my skin, never to enter me. I had married at 19 and related to feminism through a prism that had  been a distortion. Academic study seemed abstract until anger and realisation began to overlay the theory. 

Writing for grades became melded with writing for self and these pieces that were scribbled out, shaped me into an awareness of a life lived in mist which was beginning to clear. I was woman.

here yet there

original photograph

Caroline Whalley 2017

Being a Woman

I am mortal

The next big event was an unfavourable smear test. I had always thought I would be pragmatic in such an event – not so I reached for any strong bottled spirit and sobbed my way through 2 days.


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