Arthur is down in the mouth


Bobbleworld is a magical place. It’s where things go when they go missing. Arthur is a young boy who has found a way of visiting Bobbleworld from time to time and sharing their adventures. The second book finds Arthur rather unpopular as he has lost some milk teeth and the Tooth Fairy is not pleased.

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Linda Prince
Linda worked as a teacher and OfSTED inspector. Since her retirement, she has run an education consultancy and written a range of adult novels and poems. The story ‘Arthur is down on the Mouth’ is the second book about the adventures of a friends who live in Bobbleworld. Linda lives in London and enjoys watching the River Thames ebb and flow from her balcony where the imaginary world on Bobbleworld was first invented. She now partners with friends who bring fresh ideas to Bobbleworld. 

Zenna Hopson
Zenna lives on the south coast and has worked in education for many years, being a previous Chair of OfSTED and working in a variety of roles as a private consultant. Zenna met Linda when the worked together on the opening of a school by Tottenham Hotspurs in 2014.  Zenna loved the first book ‘Arthur puts the Boot in’ and so co-wrote the second book in the series.


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