Interested in writing a screenplay?

Writing  a screenplay isn’t like writing prose but what is it ? A screenplay is a written ‘visual record’ of what will be seen on camera as a film, cable or TV show.

Start with a treatment, an outline of perhaps 10 pages, much shorter than 100 pages of screenplay will give you a chance to stress test your work. 

1.    Concept: state in one sentence what your story is about 
2.    Characters
3.    Plot : acts, opener and story
4.    Closing. is a good place to start

Screenplay formatting
Screenwriting software  chooses fonts, margins, indents, and spacing depending on what you are describing, scene, shot or transition.

We would suggest go for a free starter set-up that you can then upgrade to subscription if the muse comes but make sure you choose  an acceptable industry standard. Our pick was WriterDuet because it allows for easy on-line collaboration and has great on-line information. The free version allows 3 scripts and the subscription is affordable.

Competitions are regularly updated and cover all genres. Scriptlab is also a source for information on all things scriptwriting including examples.