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Inside us all is a novelist or poet or storyteller trying to get out!!!  No need to feel daunted, just start.


sideLINES is here to help you publish.

If you have work that you would like to submit for consideration along with our submission agreement, which you can download here, then please contact LINES via

We can provide a bespoke service that could include:

  • A free 30 minute phone or zoom consultation based on your submission
  • cover design and illustrations
  • provision of an ISBN number
  • production of your book as an ePub and placed on our online store

The cost of this service will be negotiated between LINES staff and the prospective author.

How do you write?

“I wake up really early, like 5.30AM or 6AM. Then I like to make myself a cup of coffee and try to put some words on paper or on the screen. That’s how I work. But I multitask a lot. I mean, I have a house, three jobs, a wife, two cats, family, hobbies, social media accounts…  “

Natalia Borges Polesso (Brazilian author)

Any writing rituals?

“I don’t write for an audience. I don’t write under pressure. I’m thankful to take my time. The poems happen to me. Sometimes I have no actual idea where they have come from.”

Warsan Shire (Kenyan born Somali writer)


All publications for consideration must be the genuine work of the prospective author and must not violate any copyright or decency laws or cause offence. The Directors of LINES reserve the right to refuse publication by third parties under the sideLINES brand. Acceptance for publication on sideLINES does not indicate however, that the Directors concur with any views expressed by third parties who are permitted to publish on the site. LINES insists that all work published on its site will be of the highest quality of presentation.