And updating …

LINES and SideLINES and Wrinkles (yes a new endeavour!) have moved.

We will have a new website
and YouTube channel.

We hope you will join us when we launch.

We have written our poems.
We have written our prose.
We have stories and ideas
That nobody knows.
We want to share our thoughts.
We want to share as we age
We are older and wiser (maybe not)
As we turn over a new page.
And we’ll have photos to share
and will continue to write
We will YouTube our thoughts
And link to our website.
We are moving up and moving on
But you can still find us,when we have gone.
We will give you the info,
We will give you the link,
Get ready your oils and pastels
Get ready your camera or ink
We want your contributions
And your thoughts too.
LINES, sideLINES and Wrinkles
In a home that is new.

Watch this space!

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