And as we got older – so our LINES grow bolder
And as we become bolder our LINES became Wrinkles and they become laughter lines – laugh with us!

We started thinking about an aim, goal, purpose and what might motivate, eventually we decided in this age of self we will please ourselves and set up a Youtube channel which covers those wrinkles in life.

We will put down  hyperlinks/signposts for you to follow the challenges and if you have a piece of content you want covered we can check it out.

We want WRINKLES longer term, to be an archive of ideas, thoughts, and concepts, in the short term it’s a chance to satisfy ourselves as well as bring digression to a likeminded audience.

We aren’t committing to a firm format, a once a week you tube, or follow up blog because we intend to follow enjoyment and fun whether it be idiosyncratic, normal, quirky, or aberrant.

We aren’t committing to any particular content as we want to be playing about with many ideas, opinions and concepts. We don’t know who might fancy joining in with us, or what we might want to check out. 

We don’t know what we don’t know! (good old Meno’s paradox)

Wrinkles YouTube Channel